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About Us

Placing an order and purchasing the products at our print shop, everybody can count on the most advanced level of protection. We use reliable security systems and ensure the confidentiality of information we get from our customers, whether it relates to their personality or account transactions.

We’d like to notify you that we collect, use, and share the data provided by users of our website. The details are specified in our Privacy Policy.

Types of Personal Information That We Collect

There are two types of Personal information collected by machine when a user gets to our website.

  1. “Device Information”. It is about the device and software that a customer applies to look through our online offering. It includes a web browser, IP address, cookies, which can be found on the device of a user, the user’s action history like their site session, review of flypages, and exit time. Also, we’ll have log files and tags showing the above details. You can decide on the information available for us. For instance, you can refuse cookies. Go to to find out how you can do it.
  2. “Order Information”. It is about any personal data provided by a customer when he places an order and concludes a purchase at our print shop. Every step is documented by machine including changes, refusals before the order is completed. Thus, we’ll get the name, address, credit card numbers, and other details about our customer that he enters.

The Way We Use Personal Information

It is clear that the Device Information is needed for protection purposes. Our specialists look through it to find potential risks. It helps enhance our website operation. While the Order Information is used as intended to arrange fulfillment of orders, including shipping and settlement of all other issues. Also, we use it to contact our customers upon their consent. The reasons for such contacts can be different including advertisement and feedback. Learn more about it from

The collected Personal Information of our customers can be shared with third parties like Google Analytics and others or if required by applicable law.

If you do not agree with the above statements, you have the right to refuse tracking. Just let us know and we’ll delete your Order Information at your request.