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Square stickers are great for pretty much any situation and are used to advertise your products and to promote your business. These decals last long and are low pricing. If you have a limited budget, this sticker is best for you as it will serve your main aim of advertising your business. Our square stickers are built to be both waterproof and scratch-resistant. They come in basically two sizes; small and large and can stick to any smooth surface so that it can be used to serve various purposes. These stickers can be placed on laptops, electronics, reusable bottles and so much more.  

Square stickers when produced with glossy material, make it appear shiny with vibrant colors for an eye-catching view. On the other hand, when considering a matte finishing option, it uses zero glare to give it a modern and elegant look. Customized square decals like every other sticker, can be used to promote your business, notify clients of upcoming discounts, and to deliver packages to clients that are not within the business region. We have been producing stickers for years and we can guarantee that we give valuable prices for all stickers, make use of high-quality and long-lasting materials, and draw attention to the identity and logo of your company. Contact us for your top-notch vinyl square sticker and get the best result.   


  • Printed on white (opaque) vinyl material
  • Comes with pre-glued backs for Peel and Stick application
  • Available in custom sizes

Product Price 50$

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