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About stickers

In Houston sticker printing is popular due to the efficiency of this promotional tool. You can promote everything with a sticker spending a little. The relatively small decals can be attached to various bases made from all possible materials. They can be replaced and reused without damage to the surfaces they are attached to. Also, there is no residue left on the surface. Regardless of the number of uses, they last for a long time.

The upper layer is usually made from waterproof vinyl, while the lower one has a sticky surface covered with a protective coating. Before use, you are expected to remove protection and attach the sticky side to the surface you want a decal to stay on. They will stay on the furniture, windows, doors of the office, body of a vehicle or paper packages almost forever without deformations and color fading in the sun.

Vinyl as a key material

When we speak about sticker printing in Houston, we mean that the material is provided by the service supplier. The stickers are commonly made from vinyl, which is the best choice as this is a durable, weather-proof, and water-resistant material. It can boast of perfect decorative qualities, being available in lots of hues. It accepts inks and allows printing an image in detail. Another benefit of vinyl is cost-effectiveness reasoned by both their low purchase price and their durability that prevent frequent replacements.

Vinyl printing is performed on the wide-format plotters. Thus, all sizes and shapes are available. The advanced equipment allows accurate printing of the detailed graphics with high resolution. It accepts any type of vinyl, including matte and gloss material. There are even more options that can be considered at our print shop.

What do we offer?

Using digital printing technology, we are ready to provide you with the perfect graphics. If you have no ready design, you can take our templates and use them for your stickers, preferring any of their types, like:

  1. stickers of various shapes, including circle, oval, and square ones. You can order rectangle stickers with rounded corners;
  2. die cut ones made by cutting through. It means that all layers of the product are already automatically cut, and you should only take the protection coating off and attach a shaped decal to any smooth surface.
  3. kiss cut ones made by automatic cutting of the vinyl layer while the protective base combines several stickers within the entire sheet. You are expected to peel off every separate sticker from this large piece of paper.
  4. sticker sheets made without cutting. They are printed on a sheet of paper used as a protective coating.
  5. bumper ones intended for attachment to the auto body. You can use it to make your ad visible to people nearby. This is a very beneficial option if the marketing budget is restricted. Durable vinyl withstands the road conditions without compromising on the quality of the image.

Our advantages

Enjoy our diverse assortment of promotional tools and quality printing while you can:

  •         get involved in solving more vital issues for your business allowing the stickers to promote your brand without effort;
  •         count on the best possible outcome as we print any graphics regardless of complexity of the design;
  •         be sure for accuracy of the layout and content as we approve the final version before printing;
  •         save your money and benefit from the free delivery available if your order amounts to $150 or more.

Order custom sticker printing in Houston at our print shop. On our website, you can find more information about the terms and conditions for our services and look through the catalog with lots of advertising mediums to choose from.