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Improve your brand recognition with EZ tube displays in Houston! Contact us to learn more about our offer and place an order immediately to receive the result in a matter of days.

About EZ tube displays

EZ tube counter displays can be used instead of standard counter displays. They can be assembled in five minutes. The key feature of this construction is the frame made from hollow tubes. You should slide them together and lock them with a particular item to get the frame assembled. The fabric with graphics is pulled over the hardware and zipped. However, there are systems which are not equipped with a zipper. Thanks to an aluminum hollow-type frame, the construction is lightweight and can be easily removed from one place to another. It is reusable. There are variations with a curved frame that come with a well-balanced base. It is much better than a banner stand as its top can be used as a table to keep the accessories on.

What do we offer?

There are various shapes and sizes of the EZ tube displays in our assortment. Enjoy the diversity and high quality of every item. You can get the product as it is or add the available options. For instance, it is possible to order it with shelves or without them, add lights of various colors, and more. Consider the standard variations:

  1.     straight counter displays made in a rectangular form that suits square rooms perfectly. There are pop-up ones.
  2. curved displays built from sections that bend the entire construction to a different extent. They are used when saving space makes sense.

Our advantages

Enjoy the high quality of every product you can find at our print shop and additional benefits like:

  •           accurate color reproduction just in accordance with the approved graphics. However, colors may slightly mismatch those you see on the screen of your device;
  •           perfectly printed design following the approved content and layout without failure;
  •           acceptance of custom graphics provided in 75 DPI at full scale and in CMYK color mode;
  •           our friendly cancelation, refunding, and replacement policy, provided that the case is proved after our internal investigation.

In Houston EZ tube displays are used by many companies to attract attention from customers and boost business. If you need them, place an order on our website! We’ll do our best to provide you with the best options suited to your needs and expectations.