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In Houston vinyl banners are the best way to arrange the outdoor advertisement. They are affordable and efficient. You can use these constructions for any purpose. It is good for informing the target audience about upcoming events or new products, inviting the customers to visit new location, or just to raise brand awareness. Enjoy our low prices for our quality printing services with lots of options!

About vinyl banners

Why should you prefer a vinyl banner? The point is that this material is very durable. This is polyvinyl chloride plastic, also known as PVC, which is used to produce siding panels, floors, and a lot of other items. The thickness, weight, and durability of material can be different. It is specified in ounce weight. For banners, they use vinyl with weights from 9 ounces to 22 ounces per square yard. The material is quite affordable due to its almost unlimited supply. Moreover, it is 100 percent recyclable.

Vinyl banners cost less compared with other signs or flags. Especially, if you order in bulk, you will be able to save your budget greatly. Of course, the price depends on options. You are not restricted in terms of size, shape, and graphics when it comes to a vinyl banner. It can be double- and single-sided and your choice will increase or decrease your expenses. Also, the construction can be different. It can include a frame and a kind of footing, like a stand. Fasteners can also be used to secure the banner. You can choose grommets made at every corner or every 2 feet all around the canvas. Also, canvas can be hemmed on all four sides to increase the strength of the edges.

To benefit from banners, you should consider where to locate them so that as many people see them as possible. For outdoor purposes, you should choose the strongest material with heavy scrim. The mesh one is recommended for windy areas as the holes allow air to pass through the canvas without damaging it. When a banner is made to be used indoors, it should be produced from smooth vinyl, which is not as durable as the above types, but it costs less. The small banners can even be located on a table.

What do we offer?

Contact us to order a vinyl banner in Houston. It will be printed at our print shop under favorable conditions. We offer a wide range of products, including displays, signs, decals, and lots of other types of signage that will add a lot to your promotional campaign. You can choose the size and shape. Also, we offer:

  1.       large-format printing with eco-solvent inks, meeting any requirements of business;
  2.       full-color printing that will allow you to attract the target audience with an eye-catching design;
  3.       acceptance of the customer’s graphics and delivery of professional design support if it is needed;
  4.       a choice of fasteners like grommets and pole pockets for proper reliable hanging without effort;
  5.       custom sizes are available, though, they are restricted to a width of 10ft;
  6.       scrim, mesh, and smooth vinyl.

Our advantages

If you want to get excellence at an affordable price, just contact us and order banner printing in Houston. We invite you to look through our catalog with all the options we are ready to offer at the moment. Choose the one suiting your needs, and be sure to get:

  •         assistance of our experienced specialists, knowing the subject in detail;
  •         fair shipping rates calculated on the basis of the particular parameters of your order;
  •         get a wide choice of options, including variation of issue-related design;
  •         bonuses in the form of free shipment and discounts which allow buying at a profit;
  •         replacement of the products or refund if the order has been lost during transportation.


In Houston vinyl banner is a popular promotional tool that lasts for a long time and allows owners to manage their advertisement budget wisely. Cooperating with our company, you will get beneficial bonuses that will help you make your purchase at a high profit.