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The stands and displays in Houston are commonly used to promote business and brands. We are ready to provide printing services with or without ready-made constructions of various shapes and sizes.

About stands and displays

Stands and displays are intended to convey a marketing message to the target audience. They can be installed with the use of the poles in various ways on the floor, table, and ground. They can come with a frame only and hang down from the walls and ceilings. There are plenty of various configurations, including curved ones, which can be customized to suit the customers’ needs. You can order single- and double-sided banners. The canvas can be made from fabric or vinyl.

What do we offer?

We provide a wide range of products in this category. Just look through our offer to choose the best solution to apply it at a trade show or any other event. Or you can contact us and get a professional consultation. We’ll tell you about the benefits of:

  1. Banner stands coming with L- and X-shaped frames that provide various assembling mechanisms. Their feet are covered with rubber so that they do not slide. Their height can be adjusted to the particular needs.
  2. Backdrops coming with innovative pop-up displays of high quality, providing the simplest installation. There are curved and straight configurations.
  3. Canopy tents made from a lightweight aluminum frame and quality tent material with UV protection. They serve as a shelter on sunny days and are commonly used at exhibitions.
  4. Flags of teardrop and feather forms being made from durable polyester withstanding strong winds. The pole is made from aluminum.

Our advantages

In Houston stands and displays are in high demand. When you place an order at our print shop, you get:

  •         a perfectly printed graphic in rich colors, just like it has been approved;
  •         a rapid turnaround, which is possible due to advanced equipment;
  •         various payment options, with a confirmation of a transaction sent via email;
  •         free delivery available if the order’s amount is equal or exceeds $150;
  •         fulfillment of the order on the next day after approval, provided that it is technically possible;
  •         friendly refund policy, which is applied when the parcel is damaged or lost during delivery.

Please contact us if you are looking for stands and displays printing in Houston. We have a favorable offer for any business! There are plenty of promotional products for any purpose and to suit every pocket.