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Do you wish to give your charity organization the awareness it deserves? Then you can do so with our Non-profit Yard signs. We believe that good signage should be available at cheap rates while also bearing “high-quality”. This is why Banner Printing San Diego has crafted out superb Non-profit Yard signs just for you! Depending on how you want it, and when you want it, you can customize your signage with any template you desire. Here are the multiple benefits you get with our Non-Profit Yard signs


  • Promote your Organization: It is no news that many Non-profit Organizations stage special events to raise funds. Raising awareness for such special occasions stirs public interest in participation. Our Non-profit yard signs, made from a perfect blend of corrugated plastic and other alloy metals can help raise public awareness about the events you’re hosting and how they can effectively participate in it.
  • Helps you plan: Our Non-profit Yard signs are lightweight but durable, able to withstand constant impressions of stress and strain with use. This means that you get to use your Yard signs multiple times without thinking of providing alternate replacement within a short period. Interestingly, they are screen printed with perfectly complementary Eco Solvent inks which are environmentally compatible.
  • Multifaceted Use: They can be creatively placed in a wide array of outdoor locations such as strategically conspicuous spaces few meters away from the highway (provided you get the right permit that covers its usage in such areas!) The Non-profit Yard signs are weather/moisture resistant; although it is advised that they are removed during extreme weather occurrences such as very breezy/windy conditions. With proper use, Non-profit Yard signs should last you about 2 years in duration (with outdoor use).


Banner Printing San Diego has got your back. You can choose designs for your Non-profit Yard signs from our templates below or opt for our custom-made package. Besides, you can be rest assured of the affordability of our Yard signs in the face of prioritized quality. Our Non-profit Yard signs can easily be installed with sturdy wire ground stakes.

Product Price 9$

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