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You can order a Lumiere light wall in Houston and benefit from RPL fabric pop-ups with a sleek finish. This is a cost-effective solution with a perfect appearance, which will catch the eye of your potential customers and result in a stunning boost in your sales.

About lumiere light wall

There are various configurations of Lumiere light walls, but the key common feature is the innovative illuminated graphics they provide. You can use a single one or combine several constructions to build a huge backlit wall. Anyway, you will manage to arrange the best promotional campaign using this affordable tool. It is made from aluminum hardware (it can be a pop-up frame) and quality fabric. There are also other items like bars, light sets, power cords, and end caps in the package. The construction can be retractable. Any ad, printed on such a medium, will be viewed from the distance, attracting people with the message it contains.

What do we offer?

There are two basic configurations of walls with backliting, which can be added with various options. It is suggested that you choose between:

  1. a standard one, coming in a rectangular form. There is a range of available sizes, and you can discuss the custom parameters. It is possible to make the wall single or double-sided. You can prefer printed end caps or refuse them.
  2. a configuration B coming in the form of a book with pop-up frames. Each frame is built from several sections fixed together with connectors.

Our advantages

If you want to get a quality product, you should cooperate with a reputable service supplier. We can prove our reliability through numerous positive reviews and many years of professional printing service. We offer a wide range of banner stands, signs, and all possible types of signage. In addition, our customers will get:

  •           refund if the dispatched parcel is not delivered because of any mistakes or loss;
  •           the possibility of rejecting the product if it is delivered in an improper condition;
  •           replacement if the delivered product is damaged in transit;
  •           the order delivered for free if its amount is equal to or exceeds $150.

In Houston Lumiere light wall can be used without restrictions. There are no local requirements as to this ad medium. Use it separately or as a part of the promotional strategy to inform your customers about your new business, products, or special offers!