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13oz vinyl banners are suitable for signage, parties, events, and advertising. They are very economical and perfect for outdoor use and extended indoor use. It is called 13 ounces because that is its weight per square yard. The banners are made using scrim vinyl material reinforced with polyester cording. This makes the banner stronger and durable.

There are two types of 13oz vinyl which are

  • Matte Vinyl: Suitable for excellent designs and high-resolution images. The texts are easy to read, and it no reflection or glare in direct sunlight or well-lit places.
  • Gloss Vinyl: Suitable for high-quality designs and imaging with a gloss finishing that makes colors shine or pop. You can easily spot the difference between the gloss and matte vinyl because the former appears very bright and shiny.

When placing your order, you get first to choose the kind of design you want from our numerous templates and then customize this to suit your purposes. When sending your edited design to our tame, you can choose how you want the design to appear and the type of material to use for printing. You can also decide if you wish to use grommets and hemmed edges, reinforced webbing, and much more. After our team works on your design to make it perfect, we send a template to you for confirmation and corrections. Afterward, your design is printed and shipped off to your location.

You can either hand your banner with ropes and bungees using the hems and grommets or leave out the grommets and hang them like a poster with clips or 3M clips. Another option is to hang the banner on a pole. Whichever method you choose, the 13oz Vinyl Banner is strong enough to handle it.


  • Customizable to different sizes
  • Can be used indoors and outdoor
  • Suitable for UV resistant Colors
  • Waterproof and Fade-resistant

Product Price 4$

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