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5ft x 7.5ft Lumière Light Wall



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Let your message shine bright at any event when you use the Lumière Light Wall. One of the most amazing features of this illuminating marketing unit is how fast it is to set up. No professionals or training required. In less than ten minutes, you can have your light wall all ready to use without hassles. It consists of a unique combo of LED lights, Ready Pop Lite fabric, and silicone-edge graphics. The result is illuminated messages that make your display the cynosure of all eyes wherever you go.

• This light wall unit typically comes with Blockout Backer, Main Backlit Graphic, Transformer Power Cord, transformers, carry case, Ladder Light Sets, channel bar bag, 3-section, and 4-section channel bars, and pop up frame. 

• If you wish to have a larger back wall, it is possible to combine multiple light walls with a pair of end caps.

• Using the Lumière Light Wall is the picture of convenience as it is ultra-lightweight and compact. This unit can be easily disassembled into the carry case and carried around to different events without difficulties.

• The fabric pop-up is also high-quality. As it is a stretch fabric, it can withstand harsh conditions and stay in optimum condition. This Lumière Light Wall can be used in the office, trade fairs or taken to other events of your choice.

Product Price 1800$

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