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We can make your car look sleek with our well-crafted car decals. Printed with ultraviolet ink on specific adhesive vinyl Materials, our car decals are the real deal. They can be easily removed and installed.


Car decals are graphics including letters or figures printed onto a vinyl film cut out to be applied to smooth surfaces like glass windows or any other part of the body of a car. They come with the following advantages:

  1. The decals are sturdy and vivid.
  2. Material is self-adhesive that is why it can be positioned easily without need in special skills.
  3. Custom stickers can make a car look creative containing useful information.
  4. This artwork can be easily removed and replaced at any time.

The vinyl car decals San Diego are for those who are going to use their cars for advertising. You can apply them for a short time and opt for the other product due to a change of promotion tactics.  You should know that:

  • an adhesive does not damage the surface of a vehicle;
  • this promotion tool reduces expenses for an ad campaign;
  • car decals are affordable and durable surviving for years;
  • a film is weather resistant and protects the paint of the vehicle from color fades and slight damages.

Banner Printing San Diego will be glad to help you produce your Car decals.

Product Price 0.042$

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