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60” Silverstep Tabletop Retractable Banner Stands



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Have you ever gone for one of these cosmetic tradeshows and seen a cute banner on the table that told you all you need to know about a product? Well, you probably saw The Silver step tabletop Retractable Banner stand. It is one of the best options when you want to display small but informative designs. Although it comes in different sizes, this type of banner is usually small enough to sit on the tables. The base of this banner is similar to the Silverstep Retractable Banner that is placed on the floor.  The banner stand is typically lightweight, but it gets heavier, depending on the size.

Although it is tabletop, the height is adjustable, and the banner is attached to the stand using Velcro. The banner is attached to a clamp bar at the top to keep it in place. The support pole at the back of the Tabletop Retractable Banner Stands keeps the banner standing tall and straight. The tabletop retractable Banner stand is a great option for you if you always have periodic sales, and you advertise from time to time. The banners’ retractability helps preserve the design’s integrity and keeps it bright even after months of usage. When you need the banner, you simply have to set it up by pulling out the banner, hooking it up, and making sure it is properly stretched.

Our banners are made using Vinyl or fabric, but you can choose the kind of material that best suits your need. To get your banner stand, simply visit our catalog to choose your suitable size. If you want it to come with a design, you can choose a template when placing your order. Your Banner Stand order will be processed in good time and shipped to your location promptly.


  • Carry bag with shoulder strap for easy transportation
  • Anodized Silver finishing with heavy-duty molded end plates
  • Quality Aluminum Base and Telescopic Support Pole
  • Silver Retractable Base
  • Usually made with Fabric or Vinyl Banner
  • Full-Color Printing

Product Price 250$

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