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Perforated window decals for businesses San Diego is an efficient advertising tool – a film applied to windows being so popular for vehicles in particular. Perforated window decals are a type of graphic printed to an adhesive vinyl material that is perforated. It is crafted through a unique process which ensures it permits one-way vision. It provides maximum visibility when you are inside a car or premises, while only graphics are visible from the outside.


  1. We use fade resistant Eco Solvent inks which provide vivid colors and last for a long time. 
  2. The material we use is one of the best films with the perfect ratio of graphic vibrancy and visibility. 
  3. The warranty period is about 4 years. 
  4. The custom decal size is also available.


When you apply custom perforated window decals San Diego, you can be sure to get them:

  • developed in accordance with your particular design;
  • easily installed;
  • allowing daylight inside;
  • protecting the premises from sunlight when it interferes;
  • looking opaque from the outside.

If you are ready to place an order for perforated car window decals San Diego, just contact us. We discuss the details and embark on your task immediately.

Product Price 0.05$

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