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Haven’t you managed to find rigid sign printing in Houston until now? Now, you’ve done it being in the right place at the right time. Our print shop offers the widest choice of products and opportunities to get the most accurate design.

About rigid signs

As with any other form of signage, rigid signs are intended to convey a particular message to the target audience. The identifying feature is that they are made of a lasting, sturdy material. They are perfect for being used outdoors but without limits, meaning that indoor installation is possible. The versatility of shapes and colors makes this display multipurpose. You can see a lot of variations in Houston used by any businesses.

They are good for notifying visitors, showing the way, pointing at a certain category of goods, and so on. These signs come with various constructions which can be installed right on the ground, the floor, or on a table. The rigid sign, equipped with grommets, can be framed and attached to a wall.

What do we offer?

In Houston rigid sign printing is available for everybody. The rigid signs can be single- and double-sided. They are portable and highly cost-effective. We are ready to produce them from:

  1. a waterproof coroplast, which is preferred for outdoor use in calm districts free from storms;
  2. a lightweight foamboard with a perfectly smooth surface that is easily shaped and displays sharp colors;
  3. a very hard gatorboard which is extremely waterproof withstanding soaking in water without deformation;
  4. a scratch-resistant PVC, which holds colors for years without a shred of fading.

Our advantages

Choose any of the above materials and place an order on our website. If you feel confused, contact us to get a free consultation. You can count getting the fastest feedback from our customer support via email. Also, you will benefit from:

  •         access to a range of payment options to decide on and pay for our services;
  •         refund or replacement of the products lost in transit, provided that our omission is proved;
  •         an opportunity to cancel an order if there are any reasons for that;
  •         a tracking option that allows you to follow your order until the package is delivered.

Order rigid sign in Houston without extra cost. Choose plastic, metal, or acrylic substrates and enjoy a lasting effect! We guarantee an accurate design implementation in accordance with the requirements of a customer.