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The canopy tents in Houston are used to arrange an exhibition place or protect tables with snacks and drinks from the sun at private parties. In addition, they can serve as a decoration and as a promotional tool that is able to attract attention and improve brand recognition. We are ready to print any graphics on a canopy tent under favorable conditions.

About canopy tents

Canopy tents are necessary almost at any public event arranged in the open air. Whether you are offering information about your business with the handout of promotional material or inviting your guests to enjoy tasty eats, you’d better think of their comfort. The tent will arrange the place, make it noticeable, and represent your brand if it is temporarily used at the exhibition or trade show.

The constructions come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Commonly, they have a metal base and a roof, made from vinyl or fabric. It is possible to print any message on the roof, including a logo and brand name, so that they become recognizable. Here we do not speak about a large advertising space. That is why the content should be well-thought-out to stick in the memory of viewers. It should invite people to come closer and find out more about the products or producer.

What do we offer?

It is recommended that you purchase constructions and have your graphics printed. But, if you have your own canopy tent, you can place an order for print services only. Choose any of our configurations in the catalog. But, before that, you should decide on the land plot area, which is going to be covered with a tent. It will allow you to choose the right size. We offer two variations:

  1.     5ft tents suiting the events, hold up in the room of restricted place, because of their small size. It should be understood that it is able to cover a small booth.
  2.     10ft tents coming with a large roof, protecting much more people compared with the other variations. Thus, the range of use is much wider when you prefer this option, and the price is higher.

Our advantages

Please, get access to our benefits, including:

  •         free delivery which allows you to save money – you can count on it if the order amounts to $150 or more;
  •         highly favorable terms, including the friendly refund policy, which is applied if the product is lost during transportation;
  •         tracking option, which helps you follow your order when it is in transit.

In Houston canopy tents are the best way to combine comfort concerns and an advertising strategy. Use them at street fairs, live shows, festivals, or any other outdoor event, no matter the weather. They can protect against UV rays and rain. Keep in mind, that, probably, this is not a top choice for strongly windy areas.