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Car decal size chart

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Among the most popular car parts for motorists are decals on cars. These accessories are used for outdoor vehicle tuning, and sometimes during a marketing campaign. The main purpose of their use is to decorate the car, giving it individuality, originality, self-expression and demonstration of various qualities of the driver himself. Also, the task of such decorative overlays is to warn other road users that, for example, a woman is driving, a child is in the car, studded rubber and similar cases.

Very often these tuning elements serve as a kind of business card of the car owner. They can carry information about his life priorities, hobbies and sense of humor. Comic inscriptions and jokes, funny pictures and characters are quite popular. Stickers in the style of motor sports imitating the design of sports cars, logos of brands and concerns (Audi, BMW and the like) are no less common.

Decals on cars are also widely used for corporate and advertising purposes. Entrepreneurs, companies and business organizations complement the appearance of working machines with photos of brands, names, contact details, marketing offers. This is beneficial, since it is possible to effectively disseminate useful information about the work of your institution, services and products of the company, without spending a lot of money. Savings on advertising, effectiveness and wide audience coverage are provided only thanks to small banners on the car.

There are a lot of people who want to use such tuning, and this is not surprising. However, in order for the image to look beautiful, securely attached, not deformed and really decorate the car, it is important to know how to stick a sticker on the car and what kind of copy will look by the way. To do this, it is advisable to study the range of products, choose the appropriate style, color scheme and size.

The standard size of the sticker picture on the glass is 15×15 cm. They are available both in a ready-made version and under the order.


First of all, you should decide on the pattern and its location. If it’s a simple picture, then you can print it out, cut it out and try to attach it to evaluate the overall appearance. In the case when the image will occupy a large space, you should proceed solely from the proportions of the picture and the size of the body.

Determining the size of a large sticker:

  • Determine the proportions of the selected image. For example, if in pixels it is 1000×4000, then in proportion it is 1:4.
  • Measure the length and width of the future location of the sticker and determine the proportion. If it does not match the parameters of the drawing, an empty space will remain. Options for action in such a situation:
  • find a new image;
  • accept and define the shift;
  • crop or stretch the image to the desired parameters (in graphic editors).
  • If everything is in order and the defects are eliminated, order a sticker according to the dimensions measured in paragraph 2.


  • Take a paper tape (or any other, not very sticky and leaving no traces) and stick it the way the lines should be located.
  • Carefully tear it off so as not to tear it.
  • Measure the length of the tape. This method will help to take into account all the bends and the relief of the machine. Attach the segment on top of the machine without gluing and it will seem to you 1-2 cm longer than the desired one.

Patterns, inscriptions and logos are measured similarly to drawings.

Car Decal Shape Dimensions (inches)
Rectangle 5 × 7
Rectangle (bumper sticker) 3 × 11.5
Circle 6 to 8
Oval 8 × 5
Square 6 × 6 to 8 × 8
Equilateral Triangle Cut from 8 × 8 square
Octagon Cut from 8 × 8 square

Choosing a car sticker

When choosing sticker sizes, type, focus on aesthetics and location. For example, it is not necessary to seal the windows. Firstly, they can be fined for this, and secondly, it is not practical. A small drawing in the corner of the rear window will be enough.

The choice of material depends on the desired texture. Smooth thin images are made of vinyl film. Textured protective stickers are made of 3d carbon film.

Car decals can be applied to any smooth and even surface: on the rear window, on the hood, bumper and body of the car. It is not difficult to paste such a sticker yourself.


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