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Street advertising signs ideas

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For sales growth and business promotion, every brand needs effective street advertising. Therefore, bright banners with motivational slogans are now found at every step. They can be seen on the streets of cities, on the roofs of shopping malls and commercial organizations. A person can walk past the same signs several times during the day and not pay attention to them. However, the information will be remembered on an unconscious level.

The importance of effective design

Marketing research proves that outdoor advertising combines different levels of information perception. The text on the banner must be clearly readable. And the image should be presented in good quality. It is desirable that the elements are recognizable.

Highly competition in the market forces entrepreneurs to take care of the quality of provided goods and services. For a successful business, you need to constantly promote products. A potential buyer should receive information that will convince him to become your client.

You can use different types of outdoor advertising to promote goods and services. They can be banners, stands, signs. They are placed on the facades of buildings, along roads, near bus stops. Regardless of the choice of the carrier, the information will be stored in the memory of passers-by and contribute to the purchase of goods or the use of a service. By spending money on creating visual advertising, you are investing in business development.

Color scheme and text message

The color scheme is considered an integral part of the advertising medium design. It should be chosen based on the corporate identity of the brand. In addition, the conditions of placement and the specifics of the target audience are taken into account.

What rules should be considered:

  1. It is undesirable to choose shades that are close in tone. For example, red and a shade of fuchsia.
  2. It is desirable that the colors are contrasting: green and blue, yellow and red.
  3. If the advertising banner is placed high, you should pay attention to the saturation of the color scheme.

The text should be concise and have a marketing focus. In its design, you need to pay attention to readability from any distance.

Tips for creating effective advertising

The space of the creative signage should not be too spammed. For the design, you need to use an unobtrusive background. The more empty space is there, it is the better. Advertising effectiveness decreases when there is a large amount of text and images. It is desirable that the background occupies at least 50-70% of the space. The remaining part should be evenly divided between text and graphics.

One advertising medium should be intended for one marketing offer. If several slogans are placed on the banner, then there is a high probability that none of them will be remembered by a potential client. He should not feel discomfort when memorizing. The text should consist of 3-4 words. Large sentences do not attract the attention of potential buyers. The font can be large to make the inscription noticeable.

The principle of minimalism is considered to be new trends in the development of outdoor advertising. Each element must be carefully worked out before being added to the layout design. An advertising banner is not a collage. There should be no small details and images on it. The drawing should fully reflect the essence of the idea. Even a well-written text is unlikely to attract the attention of a crowd of people on the street.

Purpose of outdoor advertising

It is important to remember that the main purpose of advertising banners is to convey information to the consumer. You should not choose new marketing tactics that have not yet proven their effectiveness. To achieve the goal as quickly as possible, you need to take into account:

  1. Do not mix multiple fonts in the same text. It is better to give preference to classic versions, then the text will seem familiar to a potential client.
  2. Dark letters look good on a light background. This design is as effective as possible.
  3. Too bright shades will irritate the eye, as a result of which information is perceived worse.
  4. As a basis, you need to take the main color solutions of the brand.

Brand elements on the banner are not only maintaining the company’s image, but also confirming the uniqueness of advertising. The logo increases brand awareness, which leads to an increase in popularity among customers.

It is not easy to take into account all the rules of outdoor advertising design without the help of a professional. We are always looking forward to new customers and will do our best to meet their expectations. We guarantee the effectiveness of the created project, which will help to bring your business to a new level.


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